OneCard - The last card you'll ever need

All the rewards, OneCard.

OneCard chooses the credit card that maximizes rewards for any purchase, taking the hassle out of checkout.


How it works

When you swipe your OneCard, our platform receives your transaction, analyzes it, and routes it to the specific card in your wallet that provides the greatest reward for your purchase. Now, you don't have to remember which card gives you the most miles, restaurant points, or cashback; your OneCard does it for you.

Transaction Rewind

Transaction got routed to a different card than you'd like? No worries! With Transaction Rewind, you can reassign any purchase or payment to a different card for up to five days. Over time, your Rewinds will inform us on how to optimally reroute transactions according to your preferences.

Card Matching

Using various metrics such as your spending habits, credit history, and financial goals, our accompanying app matches with the credit card that will save you the most money in the long run so that you don't have to spend hours researching which card to apply for.


With a quick snap of your credit card, you can add any physical card to your OneCard wallet with ease.

Rewards Tracker

Our rewards tracker lets you see all of the rewards you’ve accumulated using one dashboard, so you’ll never miss out on unredeemed hotel loyalty points, flyer miles, or cashback.

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